Nov 17, 2022

The Problem with Tracking Work

Post by 
Michael Muse

hat are you working on? For most modern workers, our list of what we’re working on comes in a variety of formats: email, chat, tickets, calls, texts, etc. Too often, we then use those tools, the source of the topic, to track what we’re doing.

There are many problems with this. It separates our work into different places. These different places remind us of the work at different times. We can’t really prioritize all these various sources, and we certainly aren’t limiting how much is on our plate at a given time.

The solution: a single, consistent place for what you're working on

By having a single source of truth for what we're working on, we can start to see patterns, get better visibility into our work, and optimize for throughput.

Do yourself a favor, and use one system for tracking all your work. Turn chats, emails, and everything into tickets. Then prioritize your work, draw a line in the sand of what isnt a priority, and make very sure you are doing what matters

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