Project Management in Salesforce

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Project Execution is Customer Data

Top of the funnel processes like Sales belong in your CRM, but so do projects you do for your customer. We can help you either build your process to be executed in Salesforce or sync it from Asana or your PM tool of choice.

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successful project management team is consistent, predictable, and efficient with time spent. They don't drop balls, they don't bottleneck and they don't let anything get lost in the shuffle.

PM Success is built on three things
  • People
  • Process
  • Tools

Hiring and managing the team is up to you.

We'll work with you to design a process that optimizes the output of what really matters: value to the customer. We'll help you streamline and automate steps to keep everyone focused on happy customers.

And finally, your tools. We'll customize them as you need for the bespoke challenges your team faces. Often times, this will look completely different from company to company, as it should.


Of course, some consistent gaps exist in the market today. In addition to our services, we provide tools as a set of standard building blocks to get everything running smoothly.

"Project" Custom Object

Our Ops Framework package will automatically create a Custom Object for your projects in Salesforce, complete with Stages, Types, Partners, etc.

SLA Tracking / Timeline Goals

Flowdometer is our Salesforce package for tracking timelines and comparing them against goals or SLAs.

Salesforce/Asana Sync

Check out our free guide to sync your PM team in Asana into Salesforce.
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We offer a suite of project management tools for your team
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Valerie Papa (Mgr. Revenue Operations)

"I'd highly recommend working with Muse Operations. The reason we will continue to work with them is that we are offered best in class support, as well as an educational approach that has allowed our team to make informed decisions as we scale our system and problem solve.

Erol Toker (Founder, CEO)

"Sometimes internal problems feel too messy to loop in a consultant on. It turns out the opposite is often true, where having a specialist on hand was the missing piece. The Muse Operations team is fantastic at pattern-matching and always comes up with a ton of creative solutions.  We value their partnership across the Truly team.

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"Fantastic to work with! Quick to respond and always happy to explain why something I'm requesting would/wouldn't work. A proactive approach to problem solving ensures we are staying on track/doing our part to help us meet project deadlines

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Hannah Bildahl (Account Manager)

“I can confidently say that every user here would never be able to do their job without what this team has built.

Celina Munoz (Assistant General Counsel)

"I can't even wrap my head around how you got that fixed!

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