Scope your Team's needs




Sometimes you just want an extra set of eyes or hands. You know you'll have needs, but not what they are in advance. We'll prioritize/estimate work with a single point of contact.

$3,500 per month

min. 6 months

~4 hours/week



Our most common plan.
Typical for running one project at a time, often delivered in a week or two. We'll do a weekly meeting and work with ~ one team at a time.

$5,000 per month

min. 3 months

~6 hours/week



The best plan for new implementations, or for teams or workflows being set up in Salesforce for the first time. We'll dual track up to two projects at once and triage work across teams.

$8,000 per month

no minimum

~10 hours/week

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Give us a sense of your needs and a rough assumption for your monthly budget. We'll adjust delivery speed, prioritizing work as we go against your budget.
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