Nov 17, 2022

Why I’ve spent years building a free tool

Post by 
Michael Muse

ften, in the RevOps world, you encounter the same problem more than once. Different teams, different companies, etc. And frequently, these common problems have a good solution whether some third party software or some clever config work. There’s one problem I’ve encountered a ton that has no good solution. Not even a decent one: Time Tracking in Salesforce

Tracking time in Salesforce using their History Reports is a nightmare. But building it yourself is typically far worse. There are many different ways to do it, and most of them are terrible. I’ve built a few of these solutions myself, and never felt good about it. They all completely break when you change the stages in your process, or someone goes through the steps in the wrong order, among other issues. This problem gets even worse when you want to track more than one process, object, etc.

I built Flowdometer because I wasn’t satisfied with this answer and I sure as hell didnt want to deliver the crappy DIY solution that everyone ends up using. (raise your hand if you have a litany of timestamp fields on every object that nobody trusts).

So instead, I built my dream architecture for how to do this, and how to make it apply to any object or process in Salesforce, as many as you want. I also layered the ‘part 2’ feature that nobody ever seems to have accomplished, which is to compare time tracking against a goal.

Sure, I could always make a paid version in the future. And maybe you could argue Flowdometer is good lead gen for my consultancy. But really, I just can’t stand a problem with only bad solutions. And if I can help people optimize their process and make their lives just a little bit easier with my free tool, that’s pretty cool.

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