Nov 18, 2022

When in doubt, focus on process breakdowns

Post by 
Michael Muse

ver hear someone summarize their day as ‘putting out fires’? This is what we say when we lose our plans to emergent priorities, often wildly abandoning our game plan and coming up with solutions with very little research, time, or understanding. Worse, emotions take over and undermine our thinking brain in favor or REACTION.

Delays are often something you can’t avoid, but interruptions and process breakdowns always have symptoms. With our tool Flowdometer, you can track performance against goals, and every time your team deviates from the plan. You can put hidden problems in plain sight.

Breakdowns in planned processes are often leading indicators for other unplanned interruptions. The best operators in the world employ tactics that aim to do just these things - like kaizen, minimizing waste, and even goal clarity / output metrics to separate what is value from what gets attention. They know that things that are broken in plain sight can compound and snowball into larger issues.

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