Nov 15, 2022

Find Problems with your Process Quickly

Post by 
Michael Muse

ver seen this before? Something seems off with a team’s process. You ask around, getting different answers. You start to dig into whatever data is available. It isn’t giving you a smoking gun, or even a good guess. You do a deep dive, a ton of manual tracking, and at long last, something small and innocuous (maybe a bug or a problematic handoff between teams) has had a huge impact on customer success, going unnoticed for months or more! If only you had been tracking your process the whole time, like a heartbeat monitor for your team.

Flowdometer addresses this pain by tracking every task, every day. It gives you a real-time look into how your team is doing - good and bad. It makes it easy to see what’s going well, what isn’t, and where you need to make changes in your process.

Data is king, but it’s only helpful if you have the context to understand it. With Flowdometer, you can see how your team is performing against specific goals. This data can be sliced and diced in a million different ways, giving you the ability to see the impact of your decisions.

You can also compare your team’s performance to other teams in your company, or against each other with the Leaderboards feature. Check it out at

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