Nov 18, 2022

Cracking the Operational Black Box

Post by 
Michael Muse

ts tough to be a manager in bad times. And for many companies right now, these are tough times. Scrutiny sets in, and many managers don’t have answers to questions that only seemed to show up when the economy got tough.

In challenging times, the best managers have answers to these questions before they get asked them. They don’t just scrutinize their team’s process after their superiors lose trust in it. They are proactive. They get to answer probing questions with “I’m so glad you asked that” instead of hemming and hawing.

But how do you proactively answer questions without knowing what they’ll be? In truth, many of these questions boil down to whether you have a pulse on what’s going on. Knowing how long every task is taking, and having this data in an easy to consume format - and more, that it is shared with the team.

Flowdometer was built for just that. Cracking open the black box, and creating data and visualizations before you need it.

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