How to Integrate Asana with Salesforce

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We highly recommend you use Asana for Project Management, not Salesforce. You should absolutely integrate them, but the bad news is there’s no decent off the shelf integration. The official one can only be triggered off of a closed Won Opportunity, and can only make projects, not tasks.

The good news is we’ve built a way to integrate Salesforce with Asana, and it is completely free. Even better - you can deploy it without any engineers, just a Zapier account and a dream. This integration can be triggered off of any standard or custom object, logs the Asana Task in a custom object, creates TASKS instead of PROJECTS, and syncs the data back. This is more the way we've heard our customers want to manage their workload.

Asana for Salesforce: DESIGN

Asana is the best tool for the job of Project Management, but you need Salesforce to connect it to other core customer data (Accounts). So, our source of truth for customer data fields will be Salesforce. For everything else, it’ll be Asana. This means we’ll create projects in Salesforce, and manage them in Asana.

Setup is easy, and you’ll soon be able to run Salesforce reports on Asana data…

Sync from Salesforce to Asana

We’ll need:

  • A custom object for Projects in Salesforce, with Lookup fields to Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases, and buttons to create Asana Tasks from them
  • Click the link to install the package for all users. (this won’t affect other objects or automation)
  • Note: make sure to add the “New Asana Task” Actions to the Page Layout for Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases as needed
  • Something to sync the object we just made down to Asana
  • Click here for a template to do this in Zapier

Sync from Asana back into Salesforce

We may decide that a small amount of information needs to go back in the opposite direction. Don’t get greedy, sync as few fields as possible. To do this we need:

Thats it!

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How to Integrate Asana with Salesforce
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