Find Personal Email Domains on Salesforce Contacts and Leads

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Find Personal Email Domains in Salesforce

Salesforce can be a mess of people and companies, often with lots of duplicates. A subtle but powerful tool for cleaning up duplicates is the domain name in an email address. For example, if someone has an email address that ends in, they work at Muse Operations. We can connect all Leads and Contacts ending with to the Muse Operations Account, and set its company Email Domain to

The problem is that we often have data that includes personal email addresses, from Gmail, Outlook, AOL, or iCloud.

This free tool automatically scrubs your email addresses for over 150 of the top personal email domains (like,,, etc). It will tell you if a Contact or Lead has a personal email domain.

Set Company Email Domain in Salesforce

If the domain is not personal, this tool will also look for matching Accounts (for Leads), or automatically set the Company Email Domain on the Account (for Contacts).

Use Cases:

Remove personal emails from Salesforce based on Email Domain. Automatically tags Contacts with email addresses from a personal provider.

Deduplicate Accounts in Salesforce using Email Domain. Automatically tags Accounts with the email domain of the contacts. Us this to match duplicate Accounts on an email Domain with a tool like Cloudingo

Match Leads to Accounts in Salesforce using Email Domain. Automatically links an Account with the same Company email domain, right on the Lead.

Enrich website on Accounts in Salesforce using Email Domain. Use Process Builder to set website automatically, from the Company Email Domain collected off the Contact, allowing enrichment Services like Clearbit to match your accounts better

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Find Personal Email Domains on Salesforce Contacts and Leads
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