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To Deliver Outcomes Quickly

Consultants, Operations Leaders, Engineers, and even your users will tell you that important outcomes take time. Lies!

When an outcome is really important, yet still eludes your team month after month, people assume it is because the opportunities for progress are behind a mountain of work. I believe this is primarily a scoping failure, not bandwidth one.

The single biggest trick you have is to find the real, no-catch shortcuts that in fact DO exist and can get you to outcomes faster and ensure you ONLY work on high value projects. Giant projects are for people who don’t have much to do.

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Sync Data from Your Database into Salesforce

This project often takes months to get around to. Every week it is put off, people make sacrifices, workarounds, and hacks. New initiatives get built on top of this feeble foundation. Your team becomes trained to work that way and averse to changing it.

Stop putting it off, stop building things the wrong way, and get people the data they need in two weeks.

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CRM Adoption: Never Struggle Again

You design a process, you build it out, you document how the software works, and make yourself available for support. This isn’t that hard. What excuse could your team have for not simply DOING WHAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO? It’s time to crack down.

Stop. It’s a trap. Everyone can win, and you can get there quickly.


Record Types: Guide to Preventing Cross-team Collisions

Invariably, you’ll have teams that was to share an object, but use it differently. You’ll decide to use Record Types, but you’ll wonder if your reasoning is sound.

This guide walks you through some best practices for implementing Record Types


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Lead Scoring: A Simplifying framework

People tend to spend weeks designing lead scores. Re-weighting them. And then when you finally roll them out, they’ll surface obviously warm leads. Worse, they’ll bury leads you know the least about.

Make your score simpler by making three versions, aligned to different processes.

Seriously. More scores = simpler.