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Handles most standard objects (Leads, Accounts, Contacts) and even cross-object deduping. Also allows you to schedule automatic dedupes nightly and even create complex merge logic, which you’ll almost universally need.


Terrible UI. Also, a leap of faith that you’ll get your money’s worth, since you’ll often be unable to envision a world where your CRM isn’t littered with dupes.

Muse Operations specializes in implementing and integrating applications for running Operations teams.

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$1-2k /year depending on needs. (Discount secured for MuseOps customers)

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Sync your data to Salesforce and track your team as they move work forward. Set goals for timelines, response/cycle times, work in progress, and more. Any process, any object in Salesforce.

Flowdometer: set timeline SLAs for
data in Salesforce
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